Born in 1941 in a small surfing community of San Diego, California, my interest in wood and craftsmanship started when I was young, working under the guidance of my father to shape my first balsa wood surfboard. I was captivated and throughout my life have continued to enjoy and pursue working with wood and hand tools.

Flamenco music was popular with San Diego surfers when I was a teenager and at age 16 I went to Tijuana, Mexico to purchase my first guitar and began teaching myself to play. Though I let go of playing long ago, my love for flamenco music has remained.

Looking forward to professional retirement, my interest in guitars was intensely rekindled through meeting a skilled luthier. I immediately studied a library of books on the building of classical and flamenco guitars and began experimenting with several methods of traditional spanish construction.

From the selection and feel of the woods to the smell of the sawdust as I work, the creative process of taking several pieces of rough wood and crafting them in to an instrument that makes a beautiful sound has become my passion. So much so that I've gone on several trips to Spain to take workshops with Jose Romanillos, receiving expert personal instruction from this master.

Now I've honed a building and guitar style of my own that blends my ideas with many traditional and respected techniques including those of Jose Romanillos, Marcello Barbero, and Ignacio Fleta , creating an exceptional hand crafted guitar. My creative innovations are inspired by the flamenco and classical music that continually plays in my workshop.

For me, the pinnacle joy of building is seeing my instruments being played by anyone; from my young neighbor boy strumming with enthusiasm to professionals who experience all I've strived to put into them; playability, tonal quality, and fine craftsmanship.

















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